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 We will create a sales team

that accomplishes

the results you expect.

                                 “Nobody works as hard as I do!
This is always one of the first things that business owners say to me.
 It doesn’t have to be this way.

The reason most business owners and entrepreneurs feel so overworked is simple: they spend too much time trying to control the actions of their sales people. They look to extensive reports in order to justify the lack of results. What they really need to focus on is how to improve the results their team can achieve. 
The Steel Method hinges on three important principles:
     1. Effective sales management is within reach of all business organizations; an invisible yet undeniably powerful force that steers and motivates sales teams.

     2. All organizations have the ability to access and develop great talent and achieve long-term revenue goals.

     3. When the The Steel Method’s proven strategies are followed, organizations realize sharp increases in sales, reduced employee turnover and a sales force that is keenly focused on selling.
We eliminate the biggest road block to achieving growth and by doing so create an organization that runs more efficiently, effectively and most importantly achieves results..

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“David gives you the unique opportunity to finally understand and instill into your organization the truths you may have read about in all the other sales training and recruiting books sitting in your library”
Christopher Guerriero
Wisdom Books

“David really hits the nail on the head of what is required to keep great sales people motivated, excited and producing numbers.”
Paul Errigo
CEO of AR Technologies

“David will give you a real insight into building and maintaining a successful sales organization.”
Robert Fazekas
President of Eastern Textiles