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Speaker, Author & Strategist

David Steel


For nearly two decades, marketing visionary David Steel has taught companies how to engage customers and potential clients in order to drive sales. David is a renowned keynote speaker, author, motivator, and strategist and is widely recognized for his ability to help organizations to monetize social networks.

David’s first book, The Care and Feeding of Highly Aggressive Sales People is an Amazon bestseller and has helped thousands of sales professionals build their teams to achieve astounding sales goals.  Now, with his second book Sneeze It – Don’t Just Say It, Spray It due out in 2012, David is sharing his social media expertise with audiences and taking the mystery out of social media marketing. He’s empowering individuals and business owners to cultivate sales and take their brand messages viral through popular social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter.  

Years of honing his sales and management skills while working in the sales trenches, along with putting his vast social media knowledge to use building his own businesses, is the foundation of which David’s speaking and social media consultations is built.  After founding his first company at the age of 20 and successfully growing and selling it to a Fortune 150 firm, David founded The Steel Method. Shortly thereafter he created, a division of The Steel Method. is one of today’s fastest growing social media businesses dedicated to helping companies build online revenue streams and integrating social media into an organization’s sales process.

As the Chief Viral Officer of, David teaches organizations to locate customers, engage clients, and motivate audiences.  He has a proven track record of turning business owners from social media novices into savvy social media marketers. He takes these daily interactions and incorporates them in his presentations to give business owners the tools they need and the right perspective to leave an engagement and immediately begin their online marketing campaigns.

Married with two children, David resides in Wayne, NJ but enjoys the exotic travel he gets to do when speaking Internationally.

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